Cutlery dryers

Dried and polished cutlery with no effort. From 2,500 to 12,000 polished cutlery items/h.

Glass dryers

Shiny glasses in a few seconds, easily and with no damage.

Polenta on tap

Keep polenta warm and ready to be served for hours, with no staff attendance.

Silver polishers

Silver becomes shiny and polished as new again

UV knife sterilisers

Sterilising and sanitising all types of knives thanks to UV rays.

Grill - outdoor

Modular LPG barbecues with plates or grills.

Spit roasts for chicken and pork legs

Cooking according to tradition, using solid and innovative machines.

Food dryers

Conserva i tuoi cibi preferiti preservando sapore e qualit

Food smokers

Preserve food enhancing its flavour and organoleptic qualities.