Glass polishers

Glass dryers
Glass polishers

Glass Dryers
with rotating brushes

Lighten difficult tasks and obtain shiny results thanks to the Hyppocampus glass dryer with rotating, heated brushes.

Staff with a little bit of training can dry one glass (with the 5 brush unit) or two glasses at the same time (with the 8 brush unit) in about 6 seconds, with a consistent result and a reduced risk of breakage.

Glass polishers

Glass polishers

Glasses are dried inside and outside at the same time, by placing them on the central brushes. Thanks to Hyppocampus, you can save time as well: with the GP.8L, it is possible to dry two glasses at the same time. Brushes are made of a special material that ensures shiny glasses with no residues. To remove the brushes, simply twist them to unlock the bayonet system. To clean them, just add some no-foam detergent to hot water. The unit's frame is made of stainless steel and the machine is supplied with a dust cover to preserve the brushes.
  • Standard brush to dry any glass on the outside and large glasses on the inside;
  • Tapered brush to dry flutes and tall glasses inside.
  • Rayon brushes: washable and interchangeable.
Number of brushes58
Brush set4 standard + 1 tapered brush4 standard + 2 tapered brushes
Dimensions (cm)33x30x55 cm46x38x55 cm
Energy consumption220 V - 50/60 HZ - 1770 W220 V - 50/60 HZ - 1770 W
Weight (kgs)1724


Do brushes wear out?

Yes, due to daily use they wear out and loose their drying capacity. Nevertheless, this process takes a long time. Usually, the central brushes are the ones that requires changing earlier, due to the more intense use they undergo.

Do glasses have to be clean to be dried?

Yes, the machine is a glass dryer: if glasses are dirty, brushes get dirty as well and the machine looses its function.

How do you wash the brushes?

It's very easy: soak them in warm water with some disinfectant or no-foam detergent. Rinse them out.

Is the glass dryer noisy?

No, the only noise is that of the air coming out from the nozzle.

Do you need any tools to remove the brushes?

No, they have a bayonet fitting, simply untwist them to remove them.

Can you dry any glass shape?

Yes, you can. Brushes have two different shapes: tapered ones can reach inside taller, glasses (flutes, pilsner, etc.); large brushes are perfect for wider shapes (water, whisky, etc.)

Can I test the machine? (Italy only)

In Italy, you can test the units for free. Click here to contact our sales office. Clicca qui per contattare il nostro ufficio commerciale.

What is the difference between the two glass dryer models?

The difference is their output: thanks to the possibility of drying two glasses as the same time, the GP.8L can dry double the amount of glasses than a GP.5L.