Silver polishers

Silver polishers
Silver polishers

Silver polishers

Presenting shiny silverware and silver cutlery is a must, but hand polishing them takes time and effort.
L.V. 200L.V. 200 - heated version
Max dimension30 cm (diameter)30 cm (diameter)
Granulate capacity27 kgs27 kgs
Energy consumption220V 50/60HZ 170W220V 50/60HZ 800W
Dimensions WxLxH cm46x55x7446x55x74
Weight70 kgs70 kgs


How many silver items can I insert?

It really depends on the size of the items. Some examples: you can insert 250 cutlery items; or 5/6 trays, 30 cm in diameter; or about 10 small jugs. The main point is to let the items float in the granulate, avoiding to overfill the tank.

How long does it take the LV200 to polish silverware?

Time varies according to the tarnish on the silverware. It takes minimum 1 hour to make a 'clean' item shiny, and up to 6 hours to remove more significant tarnish deposits.

Can the machine scratch the silverware?

The unit itself cannot scratch the silver items inserted as they float in the granulate. Furthermore, the bottom of the tank is coated with rubber.

What can be polished?

Any silverware, more or less tarnished. Copper and brass can also be polished. The machine cannot polish stainless steel as it is to hard.

Can you insert dirty silverware?

Absolutely not. Silverware must be clean and dry for the standard LV 200. It can be inserted wet in the heated version.

Can I test the machine? (Italy only)

Yes, contact our sales office for more information.